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Specstimate makes writing product specifications and estimates collaborative and sometimes fun.

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Garbage in, garbage out.

Poor, unrealistic estimates are one of the primary reasons why projects get delayed, clients become unhappy, and you lose money.

We know that feeling when you first realise you’re going to go over the estimated budget and miss the deadline you were so confident about at the beginning of the project. Scope changes are suffocating your team and time is running out. Your profit margin is shrinking with every extra hour spent on the project. We’ve all been there.

Like every other digital agency, software firm or freelancer, you did not spend enough time clarifying the project requirements together with the client and you guesstimated in bulk.

It is impossible to estimate and deliver the unknown.

This ambiguity and lack of transparency breaks the client’s trust because of poorly set expectations, frustrates the team because they have to build something they were not really involved in estimating and eventually hurts your bottom line.

We believe properly managing project requirements and estimates from start to finish is the key to a successful project, happy client, healthy team and good returns.

Unfortunately, getting the client, agency leadership and the team building the product together from day one is hard. Everybody ends up confused by endless discarded email threads, Slack chats, calls and a plethora of documents and spreadsheets.

There has to be a better way of answering "How much would this cost and how long will it take?"

We, at Specstimate, believe such a way exists and we’re really excited to share the result of our hard work with you.

Join us on our journey and let’s plan smarter and deliver better!

The Specstimate Team

Everything you need for a healthy project kickoff in one place. Gather requirements, estimate and communicate with the client without context switching.
Truly collaborative
Your internal team, collaborators and the client in the same virtual room, working together on gathering requirements and estimating the project.
Flexible and transparent
Scope change is normal. Estimates should change too. Now you have a streamlined and simple way of navigating scope change and keeping track of the budget.
Flat learning curve
If you’ve ever written a document or created a spreadsheet, you already know how to use Specstimate. It also works with your favourite project management sofware.
Not everybody estimates the same
We built Specstimate to be highly customizable when it comes to how you estimate. Hours, days, week as units of measure, multiple currencies, default services and feature specific custom ones.
Built by a digital agency, for digital agencies.
We built Specstimate to solve one of our biggest problems with new clients.

Forever free for selected Early Access agencies.

Specstimate makes writing project documentation and estimates collaborative and sometimes fun.
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